When reliable analytical results matter

All analyses you perform, have great implications for your business. Whether it involves for example research, identification raw materials or process control. It is necessary that you can trust the outcome. Anadis delivers a total package that does just that. A broad spectrum of spectroscopy instruments that enable fast - realtime - and non destructive measurements; software to process data into tangible results.


Finally validation using certified reference materials meaning you and your clients can trust those results. Reliability is what you and we at Anadis thrive for.


Spectroscopical techniques that are suitable for both research and process applications: ED-XRF, FT-IR, Raman en UV/VIS. Check all instruments.



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Spectroscopy enables a broad spectrum of applications: from protein in whey powder or feed to layer thickness of multilayered polymers; from particle size of ground minerals to flame point of gasoline and viscosity of lubricating oils. Check all applications.

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Added value

At Anadis we distinguish ourselves from others by focusing on the validation of results and not just on the analyzer. We accomplish this by also paying close attention to sampling techniques, software and validation.


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Do you want to know more about validated and reliable measurements?
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Your analytical challenge is our solution

At Anadis we put reliability of results first. We like to make the knowledge we have in this area available to you in order to solve the application at hand. We don’t just take the sole instrument into consideration. We etend our search for a fit solution to sampling, software and validation. To test the chosen solution, at your request Anadis can perform feasibility studies.


Working this way you can be sure of an analytical setup that works seamlessly in your lab or process environment. Discover the innovative solutions of Anadis: make use of our knowledge and experience on spectroscopical analyses, built up over twenty years.