Smart spectroscopy sampling solutions


Anadis distributes a vast range of custom, high quality, sampling accessories for spectroscopy, made bij Pike Technologies, the leading company in this area. The use of these accessories greatly enhances the performance of spectrometers. The available options have moved far beyond the days of traditional transmission sampling methods like KBr pellets and salt tablets. The five sampling techniques commonly used in combination with UV/Vis, NIR and FTIR are:

  • Transmission
  • Specular reflectance (specular, grazing angle)
  • Diffuse reflectance (with integrating sphere or polarized)
  • Attenuated total reflectance (with different crystals)
  • IR Microscopy

Gasses can be measured in transmission with a gas cell, however also thin film polymer samples produce excellent quantitative and qualitative results using this mode.


Speculare reflection is used to measure thin and thick films as well as for relative or absolute reflectivity of mirrors with or without polarization.


Diffuse reflection can  be applied to measure food, feed, powders and polymers.


ATR is a versatile sampling method appplicable for powders, liquids and solids. Different sample conditions are possible allowing to study product changes in real-time. It requires no sample preparation at all.



Microscopy can be applied for microsampling. Small particles or surface areas can be analysed in ATR, transmission or reflection mode.

Many sampling accessories are available with temperature and pressure control.


Famous accesories are: GladiATR, VeeMax, μMax, MIRacle, HATR, CruchIR, DifusIR


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