A powerful and modular FT-IR

The PerkinElmer Frontier FT-IR is powerful and adaptable and can meet all your current analysis needs. 

A wide range of smart modular sample accessories from PerkinElmer, Harrick Scientific, Pike en Specac provides the flexibility to measure almost any solid, liquid, powder or paste. The accessories can be changed quickly, maximizing instrument uptime. Electronically stabilized source hot spot increases long-term measurement and system alignment stability. 


Spectrum 10 full-featured instrument control and data management software allows you to easily acquire and process data. From sample identification and quantitative analysis to advanced applications, the Spectrum comprehensive software suite allows you to focus on what matters most: results. 


Spectrum’s Enhanced Security (ES) software complies with 21 CFR Part 11, a mandatory requirement for pharmaceutical companies. To ensure full compliance, the software limits system access to only authorized users and provides a robust and comprehensive audit trail. 


Download brochure: Fronties FT-IR, Spectrum 10 software