Smart solutions for process quality assurance

triPAT is a software solution for performing real-time, non-destructive QA/QC measurements, identifying materials and predicting parameters. triPAT works in combination with various non-destructive spectroscopic techniques (UV/Vis, NIR, FT-NIR, FT-IR). All activities are logged and traceable in accordance with GMP. Some leading companies use triPAT with success. 



  • smart supervisory control resulting in nearly 100% accurate identification
  • strong reduction of production risks 
  • early warning of unwanted variations in raw materials and intermediates
  • intuitive user interface, training for operators not necessary
  • can be easily adapted when production process changes or production lines added



  • release (go/no go) of incoming raw materials and intermediates
  • conform GMP (extended logging)
  • supports multiple production lines
  • data entry by scanning barcodes and/or RFI
  • calibration and validation with just a push of a button
  • one calibration for all production lines or calibration for individual lines
  • works with MES and ERP
  • supports NIR spectrophotometers of Brimrose, PerkinElmer, Avantes and Bruker


There are three triPAT products where you can choose from: triPAT (real time availability material properties), triPAT ident (fast material identification), triPAT quant (realtime availability chemical parameters). 


Download: food brochure, feed brochure, seed brochure