The World's First Ultra-Fast, Sensitive, Reproducible and Fully Automated Universal Raman Molecules Analysis System for Material Identification and Quantification.


  • ACCURATE AND REPRODUCIBLE : 0.1 to <1.0% RSD on Spectra Intensity Reproducibility(Quantification) for 96 sequential measurements of 96 polystyrene plate samples
  • SENSITIVE: Detection limit for isopropyl alcohol is better than 0.1%.Trace/contaminant detection with SERS to less than 1ppm for melamine
  • ULTRA FAST: High throughput Quality Assurance (QA) production process monitoring
  • LOW COST: Allows low cost at < $1.0 EURO per sample analysis. The analysis output of one AcuScan1500 system is comparable to 20 HPLC systems
  • UNIVERSAL DETECTION: Allows detection of organic and inorganic molecules with symmetry stretching and change in polarization. Allows solid, liquid, aqueous solution, gel, and powder sample molecules detection
  • SPECTRA IDENTIFICATION: Self-build spectra library, Existing spectra library stored in the computer, Public spectra identification via online resources
  • SPECTRA COMPARISON: Overlaid or staggered spectra comparison reports, o   Multiple sample content consistency report
  • SPECTRA INTENSITY QUANTIFICATION: Software designed for Raman Spectra Sample Quantification



  • High throughput and low cost AcuScan1500 method for USP method 905 content uniformity test/validation for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics.
  • High speed screening for food additives and food contaminants such as melamine, plasticizer, colour pigment, sweetener, etc.
  • Finger print comparison for identification of natural products: Tea, Cannabis, Chinese, Herbal Medicines, Natural Plant Spices, etc.
  • Fast detection and identification of narcotics and illicit street drugs, gemstones and geological minerals, and counterfeit substances.